Company motto

Potentiated vaccine for
global immunization

Vision statement

Innovative technology for novel vaccine

Cold chain free nasal vaccine

Peptide vaccine without pathogen

Cancer therapeutic vaccine for melanoma and HPV

A nasal stroke therapeutic drug

Business area/NAVI

T-cell Therapy, IRI Pharma sipn off, Animal vaccine, human vaccine, cancer vaccine

Members of NAVI

Dongho Kim, Ph.D. CEO

Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Postdoc. in Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope
Staff Scientist/Director of RNAi core of Beckman Research Institute of COH
CEO and Founder of Cellonex, Genolution, IRI Pharma, NA Vaccine Institute
Adjunct Professor, POSTECH

Myung-soo Kang, Ph.D. COO

Seoul National University
Instructor at Harvard Medical School
Professor at Samsung Medical Center
Director at Intron Biotechnology

John Rossi, Ph.D.

Board director of scientific advisory
Chair and Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope.
A World Leader in RNAi and in clinical research with nucleic acids.
Co-founder of Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Hwanmook Kim, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisor

Seoul National university
Professor, Gachn University  

Won Jong Kim, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor Ph.D.
Tokyo Institute of Technology Postdoc. in University of Utah Mueunjae Chaired Professor, POSTECH  

Taerim Yun, CFO

 Sungkyunkwan University, MBA
SK Telecom Team Leader , SK Planet Project Leader
Specialist in Finance, M&A, Venture Fund Investment, Business Portfolio Management